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Our History

After having worked together for many years at a large national Architectural Practice, Russell and Sid decided to venture out onto their own, starting their own practices from home in 2002. At the end of 2004, after some discussions between the two they decided to join forces to form Pursey & Boucher Architectural design and Draughting, along with their wives.

At the start of 2005, they hired their first employee and started working together, with the company being officially formed in March of 2005, operating from a make-shift office space on the mezzanine floor above Russell’s lounge with desks made of trestles. By the end of the first year the staff had grown by two and the business moved into the granny flat at Russell’s house and was renamed: Pursey & Boucher Architectural Services, with a fresh logo to match, a gift designed by a graphic designer client.

In 2007 the company moved into their current premises at 101 Western Avenue and have been operating and growing into the business that it is today with 11 staff members, and a vast mix of successfully completed projects.

Our Vision

Pursey and Boucher Architectural Services has a vision to be a leader in the Architectural Service Industry, positively influencing all sectors of the industry by delivering excellent architectural products and related services to our clients, while challenging our fellow professionals to greater levels of knowledge, professionalism and service.

We will achieve this by providing a platform for all who work in the firm to learn and participate while continuously developing and maturing into sound professionals within a fun and exciting family environment.

Our heart will always be for encouragement, humility and servant-hood. We will treat all people equally and fairly, sharing in all the joys and challenges that life brings. From this stable and strong foundation, we will increase in wisdom and knowledge, and deliver excellent architectural and related products to our clients.

Our Mission

Pursey and Boucher is an architectural services practice founded on good ethics, passion, humility, honesty and integrity, with a heart for our clients and colleagues to whom we give our respect and commitment while providing professional service and advice.

Our Style

Although we have specific style tastes of our own, as does each of the designers in our office, we pride ourselves in not having a specific style that is recognisable and iconic to us.

We prefer to take each project and mould it according to our Client’s needs and personal taste and let the style be governed by those aspects rather than forcing a specific style on a project. This has resulted in us designing in styles that are conventional, modern, alternative, victorian, farm-style and many others in order to meet our Client’s needs.

We have strong opinions on certain items within the design procedure especially working within the building industry laws and regulations and will offer sound advice, but seek to guide rather than force our ideas and opinions via building respectful relationships with our clients and industry colleagues. This achieves a team environment with Pursey and Boucher as facilitator of a process that is fun, expressive and creative while being professional and dedicated to making the project a success from Project inception to Project Completion.